Spinata grande

Spinata Grande is a well-known 5-reel and 4-row online casino slot machine by NetEnt business. The name Spinata comes from the name of the gambling site which operates the slot machines: “Spinata.” The official name is “iacde” in Spanish, “vous” in French, and “spioccolata” in Italian.


The online casino at Spinata Grande features the most diverse range of games in operation today. The main slot games include payline games (these are the regular versions of the slot games with the winning pays only when the player lands on a payline), no-limit games (these are the more popular versions of the slot games), progressive games (the games that pay after a certain amount of spins, up to a maximum of nine), and jackpot games (these are games that pay out a huge amount of money when the game ends and there are a number of players left). There are also a few bonus games that spin while you play.


Net ENT has been known to give out free spins to their players; and this is something that they keep doing. This makes Spinata Grande a favorite online casino for many players. One of the best features of this online casino is the free Spinata Grande spins. This means that the player will have a maximum of two free spins per hour. If the player plays for a minimum of five hours per week, he/she can gain up to four free spins per hour.

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