Bushi sushi


Bushi Sushi takes an amusing approach to its gambling theme. The plot deals with a host of mischievous Japanese characters created from rice that swing on wooden reels to bring in rewards and bonuses. So does Bushi Sushi really make the cut, or is it another throwaway game?

Like all video games with betting options, Bushi Sushi has a single, non-playable character, a local boy called Shin Gojira, who randomly appears on each reel and places a short-term wager. You can move your little mouse cursor over him and watch his movements, in order to place your bets. If you think you’ll have enough money for all the bets, you can even try placing larger bets, but you won’t receive the same amount of bonus points that you would if you win the majority of your bets. The point system isn’t especially complicated, but the animation is certainly entertaining, particularly when Shin gets hit by lightning and slices into a pile of rice!

The main difference between this slot machine and many others is that it doesn’t use traditional slot reels. Instead, the action is all taken up by the circular reels, which spin around and change colors. Once you place your bet, the symbols on the left of the reels shift color, and the symbols on the right shift color. The randomness of the changes is what makes Bushi sushi a unique slot machine, where a slight twist can determine what symbols appear on the next spin of the reels. This is the same basic principle as the animated samurai in slot fighter games.

Bushi sushi’s original online slot machine design included three randomly-selected food items: a white crane, a pink crab, and a white puffer fish. When you place your bet, a corresponding symbol appears on the left of the screen, and a corresponding icon appears on the right. You have to get as many bonus points as you can to get your restaurant’s rating to the highest possible level. The “Merry Go Round” Bonus features were later added to the game, giving players another way to earn credits by playing the game.

In order to play the online version of Bushi sushi, you need a computer with internet access, a web browser, and a Flash player installed on your system. Because this game is based on the “Merry Go Round” slot machine game, you need to know how to click to spin the reels. The game was programmed to stop when you reach the number one slot – and since you need to collect lots of points in order to cash in on the free spins, winning takes awhile. Although the free-spins are tempting, you should be careful not to click for more than ten seconds to increase your chances of cashing in. It takes at least fifteen minutes to win one free spin.

Although it may sound complicated, the basic gameplay of Bushi sushi is easy. Unlike other slot games where you need to memorize every number and strategy in order to increase your chances of hitting it off, the free spins and occurring of the “Merry Go Round” symbols ensure that you don’t need to memorize anything. The simplicity of the gameplay also means that anyone can play the game, even those who have little or no skill at all.

A neat feature that pops up while you play the online version of Bushi sushi is the fact that you get to see what other people are doing in the slot machines. When you place your bets, a small icon will appear letting you know that wild symbols are up for grabs. You can choose to try to predict what those symbols might be, or just choose to keep playing. The Wild symbol randomly flashes on the screen for a short amount of time, giving you and others who are participating in the game an idea as to what they can expect to see when the next symbol appears.

While the game is primarily played for entertainment, the real reason to play Bushi sushi is for the chance to win huge amounts of money. There are several different payout amounts, depending on how many times you place a bet of the same amount of money on the same machine. The bigger your bet, the higher your payout will be. There is no maximum amount of money that you can win, so you never have to worry about playing the same numbers as everyone else!

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