5 Places Where UK Players Can Receive Gambling Therapy

blog post - 5 Places Where UK Players Can Receive Gambling Therapy

People in the United Kingdom love to gamble. Statistics from the UK Gambling Commission show that the gambling therapy has a gross yield of 14.3 billion GBP from October 2018 to September 2019. These data indicate that gambling is a lucrative business in the country, with more people taking part in it.

Here are some places where player can receive gambling therapy

In 2017, nearly two million people had a gambling addiction or at the risk of developing it. However, only around five percent of the population seeks professional help, with a meager one percent receiving treatment.

Gambling addiction is a severe condition that can significantly affect a player’s daily life. This illness can hurt a person’s health and relationships, so affected players must receive proper treatment.

Research shows that professionals can treat gambling successfully as other addictions. Among all kinds of treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy generates the best results.

With all the data on gambling and its associated problems, the government of the United Kingdom treats addiction seriously. Here are five places where players or their loved ones can seek help for their condition.

Gambling Therapy Centers

  1. GamCare

This independent institution offers information, advice, and support to all people affected by gambling. It runs the national hotline for phone support and face-to-face counseling to anyone who visits the offices. Founded in 1997, this charitable organization does not charge fees for the services.

  1. National Problem Gambling Clinic – Gambling Therapy

British players who live in Wales or England can proceed to a specialist clinic of the National Health Service. Providers initially offered this to gamblers over 16 years old. However, in 2019, the London clinic will provide help for children aged 13 and above.

  1. Gordon Moody Association

This institution offers intensive residential treatment to severely addicted gamblers. It has two unique centers and specialist housing for relapse prevention. The professionals also conduct retreat and counseling programs and outreach support post-treatment to maintain recovery. Those who would like to seek online help can do so through the mobile app or website.

  1. Gamblers Anonymous UK – Gambling Therapy

The organization’s treatment has a similar premise to other addictions. Players can join support groups to help them recover from this mental and behavioral disorder. Friends and family of the affected individual can also join separate groups.

  1. Castle Craig Hospital

This facility is one of the many private institutions in the country to offer gambling therapy or gambling addiction treatment. The management includes residential treatment and rehabilitation. It also provides care for sex and Bitcoin addiction.

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